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I have officially quit...

2011-10-31 14:11:06 by Triggen

I'm gonna make this short, because there's really not much to say or add regarding my resignation as an animator. Due to IRL responsibilities and an understanding of my own lacking creative talents nowadays. I have to call it quits. I will of course never say that I will never animate again, but this does seem like a final withdrawal, sorry.

Thanks to everyone for inspiring me over the years, and you always have my old content to enjoy whenever you're in the mood for that.

Thank you all, enjoy life!

Edit: On a side note, anyone who is willing or interested has my full permission to continue either the Nero or Fractured series. You might wanna check with Swished or dustyh before you take on the Fractured project though, considering they also have the creative rights to it's name.

I have returned!

2010-11-02 15:45:10 by Triggen

Hello everyone, I've been on a hiatus for two to three years. I've been through some major changes in my real life. And right before I left I was lacking the motivation to continue my path in animation.

However, I have started anew when it comes to flash animation. And I can now ensure you that I am here to stay. I will at the very least release the conclusion of the Fractured series, and the next installment of the Nero series. I am right now practicing a lot in Flash, I'm executing all kinds of animation tests and quickies. All to prepare for my future full length movies.

Fractured - Part 2:

I've recently regained contact with Swished, who also has been inactive in the Flash scene for quite some time. We are both ready to work on it and we are in the beginning stages of the movie right now. We hope to see more from dustyh (on Newgrounds) yet again, so that He can do the menu work for Fractured - Part 2 as well. We are re-doing the movie all over again, because no one seems to still have the work that we had already made for Fractured - Part 2. But rest assured, it truly IS going to be released this time around.

Nero 4:

My desire to continue the Nero series isn't actually anything new. A lot of the people who are close to me in the flash scene have known about me planning this project for a long time. In fact, Dustin (dustyh) actually co-wrote the original Nero 4 script. I am however unable to utilize that version of the Nero 4 plot for the time being. The simple reason being my failure in establishing contact with Dustin again. I am however working on scenery for the animation right now. Some scenes may be used, some may not. But it is a good method in working with this movie, because I wish to really make it an action packed follow-up that truly is filled with content. I promise not to be all talk regarding this, so I now show you some early screenshots of the animation. Do however remember that much of what is shown in these screenshots is changeable and might not end up in the final product.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

And that is actually all I have to update you on for now. But I hope that some of you who are reading this are looking forward to the fulfillment of these projects!

I've decided to start actively working on Fractured Part 2 now that i have both time and motivation to do it, just like the first episode this eps will also be a collaboration with animator Swished.

I again apologize for the seemingly everlasting wait that Fractured fans have had to withstand, but now i can ensure you that it will be released in under 2 months time.

Fractured part 2 back from the dead

Fractured - part 2 UNDERWAY!

2008-04-05 23:38:39 by Triggen

Hello fellow newgrounders, i have been quite inactive for the last few months being busy with more important things than my online hobbys. But since about a week ago i have returned to flash animation and i can announce that the second and the FINAL part of Fractured is in the making. It will probably be released somewhere around May or late April.

It really does feel good to be back though, and i hope there's still some enthusiastic flash people out there awaiting this second installment.

Fractured - Part 1 released!

2007-10-26 04:16:37 by Triggen

It's been released on NG now, it has won a daily 3rd. What does everyone think of the animation?


2007-08-10 19:42:10 by Triggen

What's up mah peoplez. Fractured is coming up =)