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Entry #6

I have officially quit...

2011-10-31 14:11:06 by Triggen

I'm gonna make this short, because there's really not much to say or add regarding my resignation as an animator. Due to IRL responsibilities and an understanding of my own lacking creative talents nowadays. I have to call it quits. I will of course never say that I will never animate again, but this does seem like a final withdrawal, sorry.

Thanks to everyone for inspiring me over the years, and you always have my old content to enjoy whenever you're in the mood for that.

Thank you all, enjoy life!

Edit: On a side note, anyone who is willing or interested has my full permission to continue either the Nero or Fractured series. You might wanna check with Swished or dustyh before you take on the Fractured project though, considering they also have the creative rights to it's name.


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2011-10-31 14:12:42

Good bye & thank you for everything, you will be missed ...


2011-11-08 20:07:08

.. :(


2012-01-26 12:14:57