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Fractured - Part 1 released!

2007-10-26 04:16:37 by Triggen

It's been released on NG now, it has won a daily 3rd. What does everyone think of the animation?


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2007-10-26 17:22:39

it was great. really good. awesome. and i like the part where when someone died it said there name. could i get killed in the next one.


2007-11-13 22:20:16

yo i like this movie. can't wait for pt.2


2008-01-28 11:03:52

Sorry, but i was gonna put this on AGES ago. You're a god of flash, and fractured is amazing. Made my top 5, but we'll see about top 3. =]


2008-02-14 15:08:36

Utmost Excellent.
Thanks for putting me in btw, hehehe.

Can't wait for a next part.