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Fractured part 2 back from the dead

2008-12-27 17:31:07 by Triggen

I've decided to start actively working on Fractured Part 2 now that i have both time and motivation to do it, just like the first episode this eps will also be a collaboration with animator Swished.

I again apologize for the seemingly everlasting wait that Fractured fans have had to withstand, but now i can ensure you that it will be released in under 2 months time.

Fractured part 2 back from the dead


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2009-04-22 07:51:56

Awesome work man. It's been 5 months now. Hope you're still active.


2009-06-27 00:57:41

I'm still down for making the menu! lol


2009-10-15 09:37:45

kay after 2 months OH WAIT it already 2 months must few week more and it will published !


2010-10-16 15:59:14

I hope this comes out sooooooon


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